Super 7 Tips For Ecomm Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re creating an outlet for a passion or looking to become the master of your own entrepreneurial destiny, more people than ever are trying their hand at running an ecommerce store. Whilst building your own sites with the likes of Wix and Bigcommerce is making it easier than ever to launch, becoming a success takes lots of planning, preparation and plenty of frustrated head scratching at the start. Here are our super 7 tips for getting things right.

1. Don’t launch until you’re completely ready One of the biggest mistakes budding ecomm entrepreneurs make is getting over excited to have their site out there and rushing the launch. As the old adage goes, ‘you only get one shot at a first impression’. By all means put out a beautiful teaser, ‘coming soon’ page and start building an Instagram following with some lifestyle imaging that is driving your creative vision, but don’t commit to putting out what you think are finished products, services, etc until you have everything in place and ready to roll. 2. Test and then test again Do this before you launch, and get friends and family involved as you may miss small things through having seen them too many times, also we all use websites in different way and how someone else does it may throw up problems that you don’t encounter. Continue testing after you launch any ecommerce business, you should invest in testing and analytics. Any marketing you run consider using A/B testing tools to get the maximum bang for your buck. 3. Work closely with your own social There are many people offering quick fixes to getting followers and boosting your social media presence, but don’t take shortcuts. You may not really like social media but it’s worth getting to know it, as an ecommerce business it’s sometimes as close as you can get to your potential customers. 4. Don’t neglect mobile An increasing amount of shopping is being done on mobile, especially now we are all supersizing our devices and products can be displayed in much more detail. It’s all very well getting your desktop site looking stunning, but if you neglect your mobile users on phone and tablet then you could be missing as much as 90% of your traffic from some sources such as Instagram. 5. SEO is the key There are an increasing amount of sites out there filling the market place, even for many previous ‘niche’ interests. Getting your SEO right will help you to stay on the top of the pile, also for small businesses with small marketing budgets, getting SEO right is basically providing free marketing. It isn’t something that can be done overnight, and will require a well set out plan from website design to content strategy and partnership building. 6. It’s a learning curve Some people will hit onto a really successful idea the first time around, the majority of people though will not get the results they expected and give up pretty quickly. Between the 2 are the core of entrepreneurs who suffer set-backs, learn their lessons, refine their ideas and go again. If your first site doesn’t succeed then learn your lessons and come back meaner and leaner. 7. Continue evolving I don’t mean keep tinkering away everyday, but you’ll find better solutions, discover a useful tool, find a new social media or marketing trend, etc. Don’t be afraid to implement changes, as long as they aren’t so dramatic that people have to learn what you’re about each time they visit the site, it’ll be seen as a progressive and positive thing.

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