Top 5 Reasons why Branding is Important for your Business

Branding has always had a misconception of simply being a logo, it goes far beyond this. In a nutshell, branding encompasses every aspect of a customer’s experience. This is from your graphics, social media, advertising to your customer service. A great brand does not manifest overnight and is a result of meticulous planning and development.

Promotes recognition

An effective and consistent brand is easily recognisable and can help people feel more at ease purchasing from you as there is a sense of familiarity. Think of a brand like an individual with its own personality, way of communicating, values, friends and stories to tell.

Sets you apart from competition

Standing out from the crowd is crucial in a highly competitive global marketplace. Creating a clear brand identity and pushing out messages with a consistent brand voice will help you stand out from the thousands or millions of similar organisations.

People don’t tend to have relationships with products, they are loyal to a brand. With so many similar products in the market, branding is where you can start to relate to your customers and above all, create a brand advocate.

Sets expectations

With a strong brand, it allows customers to know exactly what to expect whenever they are in contact with your business. This will build credibility and trust, making the business appear more legitimate. This is why strong brands are often perceived as “shortcuts” in consumers’ purchase decision process.

Helps you connect with customers emotionally

A brand promise and values are all about who you are, what you believe in and what value you can provide to your customers. The ability to fulfil these promises as a brand at every stage of the relationship is a huge defining factor for most businesses success or failure. It is with these values embedded in your brand that help create that emotional connection with people and how your brand makes them feel.

Enables clear vision

A successful brand is driven by all that believe in the same vision and purpose. Having a clear brand strategy with structured and detailed brand guidelines will enable all under the business to reflect the brand’s belief, purpose and values.

There you have it, our top 5 reasons why branding is so important for your business, no matter the size. At the heart of branding is the promise that is made by the company to its audience.

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